Open-House Webinar #1: Addressing Harassment from Council or Staff
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM Eastern
Event Type(s)
CAO Connections
Event Description
Harassment in the workplace, whether from council members or staff, poses significant challenges to maintaining a healthy and productive work environment. This open-house webinar is designed to provide a forum for CAOs and Aspiring CAOs to have a frank discussion on how to effectively address and manage harassment issues.
What to Expect:
Join us for an engaging and interactive session where you will have the opportunity to share experiences with peers and explore practical solutions to discuss real-world scenarios and develop strategies for creating a respectful and safe workplace. This session will not be recorded and is only available to OMAA members. Participants will determine the direction of this guided conversation.
Possible Topics:
  1. Understanding Harassment:
    • Examples and types of harassment in the municipal context.
    • Recognizing the signs and impact of harassment on individuals and the organization.
  2. Prevention Strategies:
    • Creating a culture of respect and inclusion.
    • Training programs and initiatives to prevent harassment.
  3. Response and Reporting:
    • Effective procedures for reporting and responding to harassment complaints.
    • Supporting victims and ensuring confidentiality and fairness in investigations.
  4. Leadership Role:
    • The role of senior leaders in setting the tone and enforcing zero-tolerance policies.
    • Handling harassment by or towards council members and senior staff.
  5. Conflict Resolution:
    • Techniques for mediating and resolving harassment-related conflicts.
    • Restorative practices and maintaining workplace harmony post-incident.
Setting: Live Virtual
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